Shuttle Wayfinding
Designed new wayfinding system for the Zion National Park shuttle that services both the park and the neighboring town of Springdale, UT. The Zion National Park with over 3.5 million visitor each year relies heavily on their shuttle system to get park visitors from the city of neighboring Springdale into the park and from the visitors center to the trails in the canyon.
To help improve the visitor experience and provide clear information about the shuttle and the stops a new wayfinding system was designed. The system includes individual stop identification with orientation maps to communicate the line and amenities offered at each destination.
The project includes:
- Shuttle Stop Identifications
- Orientation Maps / Route Listing
- On-board Shuttle Mapping
- Parking Wayfinding
- Parking Directionals
This project was created while employed at Hunt Design as a Designer / Project Manager.

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